About Melk

Numbers, data, facts

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The beautiful village on the Danube is located in western Lower Austria, in the so-called Mostviertel or quarter above the Vienna Woods, in the central region of the province.

The municipal area has a share in the Danube basin. This is bordered by the high plateau of the Waldviertel and the part of the Waldviertel separated from the Danube, the Hiesberg in the south and the Dunkelsteinerwald in the northeast.

The cultural landscape forms a varied picture, characterized by the forests on the heights, the meadows and fields on the flatter slopes and the flat plateau and lowland areas, as well as the more natural floodplain landscapes along the Danube and the Pielach.

Mayor and friend

Patrick Strobl, Mayor of the City of Melk, attaches great importance to open communication and respectful interaction. His goal is to implement the concerns and wishes of the citizens of Melk.

To be tangible for the inhabitants and open for new things - that is the basis for a positive development.

He is always striving to improve the city and adapt it to the changing times. With modernization and the new digital possibilities, the quality of life for all age groups can be increased enormously. The beautiful townscape of Melk should be preserved despite the necessary changes.

Coordinates and heights

The municipality of Melk is bounded by the following extreme points in the geographical coordinate system:

North 48° 14' 28" N, 15° 22' 23 " E

East 48° 13' 23 "N, 15° 22' 54" E

South 48° 10' 57" N, 15° 19' 6" E

West 48° 12' 26" N, 15° 17' 23" E

The parish church in the center of the town is located afu 48° 13' 37" N and 15° 19'53" E.

The town extends at an average altitude of 224 m above sea level. The highest point of the municipality is on the Hiesberg near the Tafelbuche at 507 m, the lowest point on the Danube at 211 m.