City park

Experience the power of nature

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The one-hectare Melk City Park is typical of many small public parks from the period before 1900. It was designed on the model of the St. Pölten City Park and opened in May 1886.

Cross-shaped and circumferential paths divide the park into four sections with a central square. The facilities included a pavilion, fountain and weather house. In 1904 a monument was dedicated to the park's initiator Franz X. Linde.

Everyone needs some soil under their feet, a handful of earth to grow a little plant, and a tree to lean against © Sabine Reber

  • Ein Foto von Menschen, die in der Wiese sitzen und lesen.
    © Foto: Franz Gleiß
  • Eine Mutter, die mit ihren 2 Kindern in der Wiese sitzt und liest.
    © Foto: Franz Gleiß
  • Personen die durch den Stadtpark radeln.
    © Foto: Franz Gleiß