Safely on the road on 2 wheels

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260 km of pure cycling pleasure takes you through Lower Austria. You will also pass through what is probably the most beautiful Danube valley - the Wachau.

So what is so special about this foray along the river in the wine region? Culturally, the region has a lot to offer. Old castles, palaces and ruins remind us of a life long before our time. In the midst of ancient vineyards and hand-crafted dry-stone walls, you will find relaxing lodges to pause and enjoy.

For the crowning finale, why not stop off at one of the countless pleasure stations that line both banks of the Danube and let the hospitality of the Wachau people convince you.

You also have a direct connection to the Danube Cycle Path in Melk. From here you can reach the entire pleasure and recreation area with thousands of years of history in day trip destinations.