The main square

The central meeting point

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Here you can also find late medieval commercial buildings.

The group of houses at Hauptstraße No. 10, 12 and 14 has continuous late Gothic flat bay windows on the upper floor. On the ground floor, the stone walls, iron-framed doors and shutters still give the impression of medieval store vaults.

In the years 1875/76 Anton Bruckner was a guest in the house No. 12 several times. He gave piano lessons to the children of his friend Josef Marböck and played the monastery organ for hours.

On Tuesday, the weekly market was held on the spacious market square. St. John Nepomuk protected the bridge over the now blocked Weierbach. The St. Pölten sculptor Peter Widerin (1684-1760) created the statue in 1736 by order of Abbot Berthold Dietmayr. The pedestal reliefs narrate the martyrdom of the saint: Pilgrimage, confession of the queen, martyrdom, fall of the bridge, finding the body, ascension into heaven.