Medieval main street

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"Sterngasse2 is the oldest street and is located close to the Abbey Rock. The inner courtyards of the houses, many of which are medieval, offer fascinating views of the monastery.

The inn "Zum goldenen Stern", after which the Sterngasse is named, already existed in the 15th century as the inn "das Grübl". Later the monastery acquired it as a tavern to sell its own wine. In 1736, Stiftsbaumeister Munggenast completely rebuilt the house, but left the 16th century groined vaults on the ground floor. The house eventually passed into private ownership and since 1838 has been permanently associated with a tavern license.

The Old Rectory shows massive arcade arches, a draw well and a chimney of the smokehouse, which testify to the great age of the house. In 1313 the parish priest Master Albrecht bequeathed it to his successors as a residential house. The frescoes were made around 1575, when the house belonged to a butcher's family. They show a shepherd with cattle and sheep, a couple in traditional costumes typical of the time and the lion of the English royal coat of arms behind bars.